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In 2008 Browser Games MD started in developing and publishing RPG online Games and Multiplayer online Games. Founders Botticelli Davide and Massimo Martinini utilized the enormous growth in terms of broadband internet access to easily distribute Online Games like "Wrestling Game" thereby creating a new variety of games industry attracting a lots players. Browser Games MD objective: To merge the advantages of the world wide web with the fun people have when playing web games. Browser Games MD catches on with the players. Us games are not worth a penny without exuberant players. The game fun of a single player is amplified by playing with a multitude of players of the same mind.

Us RPG online Games and Multiplayer online Games games only require Internet access and a web browser. Advantage: Games can be accessed from almost anywhere. There is absolutely no need to install software on a specific computer. There are no license or copyright terms that might be infringed. Extensions, updates, patches, are directly installed on the Browser Games MD central server cluster. No maintenance effort for the player. Players always profit from the latest version of the game. The player's browser starts a simple http request initiating a session on the game server. By using a ASP interface, the game content will be individually displayed on the screen. That’s all.

The Wrestling Game

wrestling game

Multiplayer online game, 2 sites in one Wrestling Game and Wrestling News. Read all the News on the real world of Wrestling and write your comments on the articles, create the best wrestler and train him to become world champion

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